Spatial Prototyping

The VR CAD tool to design and test spaces with your own hands.

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Spatial Prototyping

The VR CAD tool to design and test spaces with your own hands.

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Design for

Create the future of mobility.

Whether young or old, large or small, with or without disabilities: Public transport must meet the needs of all people. Onboard enriches a technology-driven vehicle development process with the focus on human needs. Start using a unique toolset to design how we will travel and commute in a desirable future:
A person exploring a virtual space

Explore spaces

Jump into designs, learn user perspectives and find potential ergonomic issues, experiencing a space in full-scale. Also, get a better picture of installation spaces or component connections.

A person examines a virtual seat on which an anthropometric doll sits

Understand needs

Stage human behavior with interactive anthropometric puppets and design interiors around specific situations. Let your design prototype become a platform to test usability and validate assumptions.

A person creates a volume in a virtual space

Design concepts

Use a select palette of shape tools to build prototypes in full-scale, right inside the virtual car body. Create variations rapidly using live instances and simple parametric design.

A person sketches an idea on a virtual wall

Sketch ideas

Express more complex ideas by drawing directly on surfaces and components. Use your evolving design as a natural canvas and document your thoughts in each iteration.

Two persons interacting in a virtual space

Collaborate naturally

Bring people from different disciplines and locations together, using the virtual full-scale model as a common ground. This way, it becomes more natural to work as a team than through calls or emails.

A person is sitting in front of a desk with vr goggles next to it

Integrate seamlessly

Return to your desk to resume working in a traditional CAD tool, once you’ve mocked up designs virtually. Onboard integrates into your workflows by supporting state-of-the-art CAD formats.

Project-scale benefits

Development on steroids.

A plant pot

Front-load challenges

Reduce the risk of costly errors by prototyping early in the process

A flash

Lead innovation

Understand the customer needs better than your competition

A light bulb

Involve customers

Simplify communication through live and immersive visualization

A globe

Access expertise

Consult departments from all over the world without travel costs

A dollar sign

Save money

Cut physical prototyping overhead and speed up development

An infinity symbol

Document everything

Keep a complete repository of all ideas, sketches and iterations




Become part of a community of pilot users and join the conversation about developments and features. Tell us about your project – we will get back to you!

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